For all the girls out there pursuing the art of modeling, Models do not wear a lot of make up and to be more specific models wear hardly any make up at all. Goes to proof that a real  model has natural beauty and is versatile to what the clients projects are. When I was a girl I was anxious for the moment to be allowed to wear make up, and as soon as I reached 11 years old i looked like a clown in school while learning how to applied the make up correctly, lets face it we all go through it. Not knowing that in reality we reach an age where we have to learn of how to keep up with trends knowing our limits of how much is really enough. When it comes to make a natural look is always a Winner! less is better, a sexy lip color and the right foundation.


Do remember if you are obsessed with make up to make sure and look up online tutorials of how to apply and what is best for your skin along with what colors are perfect for you to use.

Later on I will post links of tutorials I look up for my own learnings. Image


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